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Monkeysoop's latest CD, "Year of the Monkey," is available on disc and downloads at most internet retailers!

DECEMBER 2016 - The end of a crazy year is near - Monkeysoop's prepping for a busy 2017 with an awesome first show on January 6 opening for Graham Bonnet in Corpus Christi. We'll also having a Texas tour for our 10th CD release, "Acid Garden," with four dates in February. More 2017 show dates to be announced soon!

NOVEMBER 2016 - Monkeysoop had two successful mini-tours in October and early November in the Southwest and Midwest US and is now booking 2017 show dates and celebrating the release of our single, "Crazy," which is now available at major internet retailers. All the proceeds earned from the downloads of this song will go to area homeless shelters. Green Jelly Texas dates for 2017 to be announced soon!

SEPTEMBER 2016 - Monkeysoop's writing and recording our 10th CD release and gearing up for the West-Coast "Year of the Monkey" tour at the end of September and the Midwest jaunt the first weekend of November - check out our shows page for details!

AUGUST 2016 - We'll be playing as Green Jelly in August for three Texas dates. The "Year of the Monkey" CD is available on disc and downloads at most internet retailers. Monkeysoop will do a three-date West-Coast "Year of the Monkey" tour at the end of September - check out our shows page for details!

JULY 2016 - After an insane month preparing for our YOTM tour and a number of obstacles leading up to June 16th, we got on the road and had a great tour. Thank you to all the folks who make it a success! We'll be returning to South Texas on July 30th and be playing as Green Jelly in August for three Texas dates. The "Year of the Monkey" CD is available on disc and downloads at most internet retailers.

MAY 2016 - We're excited to announce that we're now part of Peavey's Artist program! The rest of this month we're in the recording studio finishing up "Year of the Monkey" CD and prepping for our June 2016 Year of the Monkey Tour. See you all on the road!

APRIL 2016 - Monkeysoop opens for Faster Pussycat April 12, plays three shows with the infamous Bill Manspeaker as Green Jelly April 14 - 16, and opens for Grim Reaper April 20. We're in the studio recording the "Year of the Monkey" CD and songs for various upcoming tribute CDs for Judas Priest, David Bowie, and Motorhead.

MARCH 2016 - Monkeysoop had a blast on the Scumgrind IV Life Tour in Europe and we've got a bunch of Texas shows from March through May, then the band hits the road in June for their midwest + Canada Year of the Monkey Tour with an accomanying "Year of the Monkey" CD

FEBRUARY 2016 - The band is back in the recording studio, doing interviews, working on album #9, "Year of the Monkey", and playing shows and doing in-store meet-and-greets everywhere :)!

Monkeysoop will be touring in Europe in early March, hitting Germany, Netherlands, and Belgium! Check out our shows page for more details!

JANUARY 2016 - Monkeysoop had a fabulous 2015 and we're ready for the new year! Come see Monkeysoop's first show of the year at Retox in San Antonio January 23rd and stay tuned for new show announcements coming soon!


NOVEMBER 2015 - Monkeysoop opens for Loudness Nov. 6th in San Antonio and members of the Soop hit the road as Green Jelly for Nov. 12-14 for South Texas dates. Monkeysoop's also in the studio working on our 9th CD!

SEPTEMBER 2015 - Huge thank yous to everyone who helped us with our Zombie Mosh Tour in June and July. Monkeysoop continues to play around Texas and is booting up for a midwest jaunt in October. The "ZOMBIE MOSH" EP is now available online and on CD - message us for your signed copy!

Check out our latest interview in Diocian magazine!

JULY 2015 - THE ZOMBIE MOSH TOUR continues to the Southwest US! See you at a show near you!

JUNE 2015 - THE ZOMBIE MOSH TOUR starts June 13 and goes through July 12! See you at a show near you!

MAY 2015 - The band is gearing up for an international tour in June and a Southwest US Tour in July! Monkeysoop is also working a a new CD with new material and remixes of select Monkeysoop songs. The band will also cover Rolling Stone's "Sympathy for the Devil" and Green Jelly's "Fixation" for upcoming tribute CDs and Green Jelly documentary.

FEBRUARY 2015 - Monkeysoop's busy with gigs, CD signings, and tour planning. Hang onto your seats, friends - 2015's been a wild ride so far, and it's gonna get wilder ;)!

DECEMBER 2014 - The Darnitall Tour Part II went off swimmingly - huge thank yous to everyone who made the adventure possible!

Monkeysoop's "Darnitall" CD is now available - message us to get your copy of the physical CD! "Darnitall" is also available on downloads!

The official "Darnitall" CD release show is in San Antonio on Jan. 16, 2015! Be there for multi-band rock and roll!!

Monkeysoop has three songs released on compilations this month:

Check out the band's cover of Led Zeppelin's "Misty Mountain Hop" on "Black Dog: A Tribute Led Zeppelin's Greatest Hits," a compilation of different bands brought together courtesy of Versailles Records.

Here is Monkeysoop's contribution to "Guitar Wizards: Vol. 3 & 4", also released by Versailles Records. Monkeysoop's "Sharp as a Scythe" is included on this compilation.

Monkeysoop's version of "Alice & Ozzy" on "Attack of the Mutants: A Monsterous Tribute to Impaler" is also available now on CD!

Monkeysoop wishes all our fans Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! May 2015 be the best year for everyone yet!


NOVEMBER 2014 - Monkeysoop's Darnitall Tour Part II kicks off Nov. 15th and runs through Nov. 2 5th. See our shows page for details! Our new CD, "Darnitall" will be available on Nov. 15th!

OCTOBER, 2014 - Thank you, Monkeysoop fans, for voting for Monkeysoop for the San Antonio Current's 2014 Music Awards for the second place for Best Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Band!

Check out our upcoming shows for Texas dates and our Darnitall 2014 Tour Part II to the West Coast in November!

SEPTEMBER, 2014 - Monkeysoop's nearing completion on its seventh CD - warning - every song has VOCALS! Stay tuned for more info . . . !

AUGUST, 2014 - Monkeysoop's popularity is growing worldwide! Meanwhile, we're playing shows, recording more music, and selling merch! Keep it up, friends!

JULY, 2014 - Monkeysoop's Darnitall Tour was off the rails! Met hundreds of awesome people, played many killer venues, and sold a ton of CDs, Tshirts, and posters. Check out our facebook page to see photos and highlights from the tour!

Monkeysoop's playing a July 5th Independence Day Celebration in San Antonio! Check out our shows page for details on this and other upcoming shows.

JUNE, 2014 - Monkeysoop is hitting the road this month for the DARNITALL 2014 TOUR with new material and a crazy new show. New merchandise, new songs, new silliness - come see for yourselves! 9 States, 18 dates! Check out our shows page for a Monkeysoop production near you!

MAY, 2014 - Monkeysoop is hitting the road this month and next for the DARNITALL 2014 TOUR with new material and a crazy new show. Check out our shows page for a Monkeysoop production near you!

FEBRUARY, 2014 - Monkeysoop had a phenomenal three-date tour in Texas - sold a ton of merch and garnered the attention of new fans, clubs, promoters, managers, and record companies. Stay tuned for more exciting news coming up within the next few weeks!

JANUARY, 2014 - In between writing and recording, Monkeysoop has several juicy tour dates coming up in February and March - check out our shows for more details!


DECEMBER, 2013 - If you need any Monkeysoop CDs, tshirts, stickers, or buttons, email Monkeysoop and we'll get you some good deals for the holidays! Monkeysoop's latest release, GRAY MATTER, is available through us or from Tate Music Group here!

"Down at the Whiskey, A Tribute to Motley Crue" is out and available! Monkeysoop's version of "On With the Show" is one of many tracks on the CD. Click here to get your copy of the CD or email Monkeysoop - we'll get you a copy!

OCTOBER, 2013 - Monkeysoop goes back into the recording studio to lay down our version of Alice Cooper's "I'll Bite Your Face Off" for a tribute CD to the man himself, produced by Versailles Records.

SEPTEMBER, 2013 - Monkeysoop spends the last week of September and the first week of October on Texas highways with GREEN JELLY! Check out our shows for dates and locations!

AUGUST, 2013 - MONKEYSOOP'S new release, GRAY MATTER, is officially released on October 29, 2013, but you can download your copy today! Seven tunes from Monkeysoop are in the soundtrack of the movie "Nightmare Syndrome", including the new song, "Something to Fear". Enjoy the video!

JULY, 2013 - Skatopia Tour 2013 was a success! Monkeysoop's in the studio this month preparing for shows in August, September, and October. GREY MATTER, our latest CD, will be out soon! Check out videos and photos by friending us at!

JUNE, 2013 - On June 3rd, Check out Monkeysoop's interview with LisaPunkRPrincess! 8:00pm Pacific, 10:00pm Central - go to to hear the interview!

Monkeysoop's Skatopia 2013 Tour starts June 14th in San Antonio and takes the band to Ohio and back - check out the shows page for more details!

MAY, 2013 - Monkeysoop keeps adding dates to its Summer Skatopia Tour - check out the shows page for dates and venues. Anticipating the release of "Grey Matter", Monkeysoop's 6th CD - due out soon!

APRIL, 2013 - The band is gearing up for a short tour in South Texas in mid May and a mid-America tour in June - check out the shows page for tour dates!

MARCH, 2013 - Monkeysoop just finished 10 shows in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, with the Green Jello Southern Rock Tour (and acted as the backing band for Green Jello) and it was a blast! See our facebook page for photos and videos from the tour!

On March 5, Monkeysoop goes to the studio in Mustang, Oklahoma, to record GREY MATTER at Tate Music Group Studios. The new CD will be available sometime this summer!

JANUARY - FEBRUARY, 2013 - Happy New Year! Monkeysoop has just posted a lot of new shows for the beginning of 2013, including shows with Phantom X and as Green Jello with band founder Bill Manspeaker.

Monkeysoop also has a new sponsor - Sleek Guitars! They build two-sided guitars - check out their website for more information and models available. They are really awesome instrument


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